The Rocky Spring

This map has no sections to be split up. It really is just a big rocky spring

Quick Map Description

There are two parts to the Rocky Spring map. The deep sand that is the entrance to the Desert, and the Stone that is the Rocky Spring

The Spring

This is in the center of the map and is over 100 tiles wide. You have to climb down into it, falling in the spring will lose about 500 health.

Rocky Spring Interesting Fact

You can drink directly from the Spring, you do not need to use a Pot or Water Bottle. You won't get sick from this water if you drink it directly. However there are no fish in the spring.

Landmarks Of The Rocky Spring

deep Sand
This is where the spring touches the desert.
The spring
This takes up nearly the entire map's center. It is not trackable and you have to climb down to it.

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