The Thick and Weedy Forest

This map doesn't have much to offer than a large rock pile and a small pond, but it does have some unique features.

Quick Description of The Thick and Weedy Forest

this map is the normal 500 wide but only 250 tiles from north to south. it is pretty plain with nothing much to offer.

Unique features of The Thick and Weedy Forest

One thing you notice right away is the weird sound it makes when you are walking. But if you hit space with an empty hand to gather what you are standing on you will collect something different with every attempt.

Large Rocks

Then roughly in the middle of the forest there is a patch of large rocks, you can collect these, but they have no use in game as of yet.

Borders of the Thick and Weedy Forest.

Landmarks of The Thick and Weedy Forest

The large Rocks
This is located in the Center of the forest, more so east than west. You can track it by hitting K.
A small pond
This is in the south west corner, roughly 75 to 100 tiles North and East of the South Western corner
an unclimable cliff
this is on the northern border, there is no way past it.

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