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Here is our homepage for everything swamp. you can browse by heading to see what different information we have to offer.

Allot of the information in this section was added to by hannibal, when there were questions he was the one I asked.

Even Jimmy pitched in and helped with writing pages, i still have not gotten over my shock of it.

An Interview with the developer, Aprone

This is an in depth interview with aprone, the developer of swamp. We cover everything from him growing up, early days of programming, to how swamp started, what it is now, and what is coming next with swamp. There is some interesting stuff in here i had no idea about, and some things I believe he reveals for the first time. Not only is it a bunch of new stuff, but allot of questions are answered not only about the person behind the game, but what to be expecting to see from him next. It is only downloadable, and not streamable.

You can download the interview here.

A swamp group on skype

Just a skype group of people who play swamp. you can click the link to join. don't spam or be a doosh and we will all be okay. guest accounts are not allowed, and non swamp players are not welcome either. This is to make sure the group is not always going off topic. Joining is only open from midnight sunday to midnight monday eastern time. this is also the servertime of swamp. if you want to be added outside this 24 hour window message BlackScreenGaming or JimmyDub on skype, and we will add you.

An Overview of Swamp

Here you can find some basic information on swamp. what the game is and some general very basic information about the game. stuff like where to download it, what kind of game it is, info about the community, and the quality of the game.

A Complete Command List

This is a listing of all the slash commands you can use in the chat system. there hasn't been a kept up to date listing for quite a while, but here you can find one that is kept up to date.

A Warehouse listing

Here is where you can go to find detailed written out descriptions of the layout of the main warehouses in swamp. The small, large, chemical/medical, and the strip mall. Along with descriptions of the maps there are both audio and text descriptions of 2 patterns you can run in each warehouse while looking for crates.

Frequently asked questions

This is just a question and answer section with some things that new players commonly ask. this section will be added to as people ask the questions.

Alternitive swamp sounds

People have always been making alternitive sounds to play swamp with. and here is a place where they can be kept for others to download. if you want your sounds to be added just get in contact with me via the BSG skype.

Swamp quests

Here is a listing of the current swamp quests. Each one has a little write up telling some information about it. stuff like what map and how difficult it is.

Random Swamp Recordings

Allot of people have recorded themselves playing swamp, doing different things. like getting drunk and doing allot of warehouse missions. if they want others to be able to download and listen to their swamp explorations they can have them hosted here. all files have a recorded date and a small write up telling what they are about.

Introduction to hardcore by hannibal

Hannibal was nice enough to write a nice description of what hardcore is. This way any people who were interested in trying it out are not going into it blind. It gives you all the information you need to make the decision to try it out or not.

Items & Where They Can Be Found or Bought

This is a organized list of all the current items in swamp. It tells you by map what items can be found as loot, and what items can be bought in the different safe zones for each map.