Listing and descriptions of Swamp quests

These quests are fairly simple and easy to complete. some are harder than others, but most of them are pretty easy. Each time you complete a quest you get 1 quest credit. these are currently used to store items in your personal locker.

Below you will find a listing of the quests in swamp, along with a short description of the quest and how difficult it is.

Quest listing

billys workers

This simply involves you running around on map 1 completing a few tasks. going to the factory, then back to the safe zone. then to the burnt out house, and back to the safe zone. then finally to the outpost. since it is all on map 1 there is no real difficulty in doing it.

clean up on isle 3

For this quest you just have to go to kai mart and kill 10 tyrants. It is very easy and only takes place on map 1, but it can seem like it takes forever waiting for 10 tyrants to come in to kai mart for you to kill them.

holy ammo shortage

for this mission you can do it all on map 1 as well. You will be given 4 types of ammo you need to collect. you just run around looting until you have all the ammo. then it tells you to take it all to the auto mart. after you do that you are told to find 5 more shotgun shells and bring it to the church. affter that you are done. again, it is really easy and a good quest to do if you plan on looting anyway.

wood rot

This quest involves both map 1 and map2, but it is still very easy. you need to collect a hammer from the hardware store, then a box of nails from the hardware store. then you are told to collect shingles from the train station on map 2. after you do that you have to go to the rooftop outpost. when you do you fall through the roof and you just have to track the east door of the building you are inside of and exit it. there are allot of zombies inside this building, but it is not anything impossible to do.

2 shacks

This quest is a little bit tricky for some people. it starts at the northern map border of map 4. once you go there you are moved to a new map, the 2 shacks map. there are just that, 2 houses or shacks. you have to go talk to jeromy in the northern shack, he then tells you to go get stuff from the southern shack and bring it back to the northern shack to bord up the 3 windows, and finally the door after you do the windows. when the door is borded up you are done and spawn back on the northern map border of map 4.

ranger relief

This one is fairly difficult, it is on map 3, and it is timed. You have to first go to the safe zone on map 3, and when you get there the timer starts. you then have to make it to ranger island, which is located in the eastern side of brush lake to save some rangers who are pinned down by zombies. Once you get to them you then are timed again and you have to get to the map 2 safezone with the rangers. Also you can track the allies in this mission.

Cross and cross

This is a pretty difficult quest. It takes place on map 5. you first have to meet someone in the tunnel under the safezone. then you need to take that person over to the other tunnel to the east. when you get there you get a nice surprise. if you survive you complete the quest. If there is no one else on the map you can track jessica. also the likelyhood of this quest popping up if you do not have a mg4 or a hk23e in your inventory.

Weapon Exclusive:

This quest will ask you to kill a set number of zombies with a specific weapon. For example, kill 30 zombies with a longbow. Every weapon you can kill with is in this list including title weapons. The number of zombies varies from 30 to 100.