Part 3: Completing Your First NPC Mission

This guide will be pretty straight forward. From here on out all the guides will cover 1 NPC mission starting with Jonas Hawk and ending with Gunny. In this guide I'll e explaining how to complete the first mission from Hawk.

This guide will cover:

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Part 2.1: Accepting the mission

You should still be on Starbase-51 from launching the game. If you aren't then you will need to dock there before continuing. Once you are docked you want to go through your promenade listing until you find Jonas Hawk (Greeter). You can do this via virtual find for "hawk" or you can use table commands until you get to the cell that reads Jonas Hawk (Greeter). Once there you need to click on view next to his name.

The next page is going to give you information about Jonas Hawk, you can choose to read this or not. If you want to read it the quickest way to reach the main body is to hit control home to jump to the top of the page. Then press B to jump to the first button. After this press Shift G to jump to the next previous graphic which will be the assets tab. From here you can use control down arrow to read through his description. You are going to see three buttons at the bottom of the page. They will be, Return to Promenade button, View Jonas Hawk (Greeter) Goods button, and Talk to Jonas Hawk (Greeter) button. You want to talk to him, doing this will give you all the information for your mission.

After you click on the button to talk to Hawk read through the mission. Use the above steps to get to the assets tab and read down from there. After reading your mission information you want to accept the mission. Doing this will present you with a conformation screen where you can click return to promenade which will return you to the main promenade page for starbase-51 again.

If the above makes no sense to you then you can Check out the guide on navigating the promenade page.

Part 2.2: Picking up your Ashar cargos

You should now be back on the main promenade page, this is where all the stores and services are located for the local promenade which is Starbase-51 in this case. If a promenade has an Ashar office it will be the first store in the main promenade table. You can either hit B to jump to the first button then read up with up arrow or from the top of the page hit T to jump to the first table then use table commands to read downwards. You'll notice Starbase-51 does indeed have an Ashar office. You will want to press the view button.

On the next page you will want to choose to enter into the Ashar office. This will bring you to a fairly straight forward page which lists all of your Ashar missions you can take sorted in a table. The table headers's are: Destination, System, Galaxy, Fuel Cost, Cargo, Credits, Accept. These are very self explanatory, and I go over them in more detail in the audio guide.

The quickest way to navigate this page and find your cargo is to search the galaxy you are traveling to with virtual find. In this case it is "Sphere". Once you have that in your search buffer just press f3 up arrow, this will read the solar system every time you hit up arrow. To get to the next listing press f3 twice followed by up arrow. This will read the solar system for the next cargo going to sphere. Follow this pattern hitting f3 twice followed by up arrow to find cargo going to the proper location. The easiest and best place to pick up cargo for this mission is "Descarte". If you pick up cargo for Descarte then again for Feris to get back to hawk you will earn enough credits to complete the mission.

In the audio guide I use the f3 f3 up arrow way of browsing until I see a cargo going to Descarte, specifically to Messer which is for 22 units of cargo. I accept this and it leaves me with 28 empty cargo remaining which I want to fill up. You will want to do the same, fill up your cargo as close to 50 as possible. Just remember the smallest possible Ashar cargo is 10 units, so you may have to choose to not accept a contract so you can get as close to 50 as possible.

Important Note: This isn't covered in the audio guide but if you don't have any Ashar missions going to where you want you can choose to regenerate the listing. This is a link at the top of the table. Doing this will give you a fresh randomly generated list you can browse through. Keep doing this until you get cargo for your goal location.

In the audio guide I continue to fill up my cargo finding another 10 unit mission to Descarte which leaves me with 18 space. After accepting this mission I search for one more to fill the 18 empty space in my hold. I settle on a mission worth 16. This leaves me with 2 empty space which is acceptable. After filling up my cargo hold it is time to undock and find my way to Descarte to drop off the cargos.

Part 2.3: Using The Plotter To Get To Descarte

The first step is to undock from starbase-51. You simply do this from the main promenade, it is the last button on the page. Undocking puts me in orbit of Starbase-51. I need to go dock at the Jump Gate Nexus to move between systems so from the top of the page I am going to search for "P G". Note that is P space G. this will bring me to the text Jump space Gate which is a button for the Jump Gate Nexus. Clicking on the button once puts me in orbit of the Jump Gate. I can click on it again to start the docking process or from the top of the page I can hit B to jump to the first button then hit V to jump to the first visited link which is to dock at jump gate nexus. It will ask you to confirm the docking which you do and then you will be docked at the jump gate nexus ready to travel between solar systems.

Before doing this you will want to open up the plotter so you can plot how to get to the solar system Descarte. You can simply search the text "plotter" and it will bring you to a link to open it. This will open in a new tab, however it will be one of the trimmed down windows with a read only address bar and no menus. Copy the address then close the window with control W. This should put you back on your core-exiles page. Open a new tab and paste the plotter address into the address bar. After doing this bookmark the plotter and save it so you can access it whenever you need it. You will be using it a lot as you learn your way around the galaxies.

Now to plot your way to Descarte. The plotter is two combo boxes, the first is your starting solar system and the second is your destination solar system. Because you are in Feris that is your starting system, and because you are going to Descarte that is your destination system. Put those into the combo boxes and hit the button to calculate root. This will give you the rout you need to take to get there for the least amount of fuel used. The rout will show up under the calculate button. Just follow this path taking it one at a time if necessary and use the jump gate on to travel to Descarte.

Notes: If you need more information on the plotter or on using the jump gates you can check out the jump gate guide and the plotter guide. I also go through this process in the audio guide so you can listen if you are still having difficulties figuring it out.

Part 3.4: Dropping off your cargo in Descarte

When you arrive in Descarte via the jump gate you want to undock which will put you in orbit of the jump gate in the Descarte solar system. If you don't remember where your cargo is going you can navigate away from the jump gate and check your missions. To do this just orbit a random planet then click on your mission tab and choose to view trade missions. This will give you a page where the second table lists your cargo missions along with where they are going. Be careful not to abort your missions on this page as you will not be asked to confirm it. An easy way to find your mission tab is to just search "miss" and it will jump you right to it.

To drop off your cargo at the proper location you simply have to dock at the location. After confirming you want to dock you will be given a screen saying the cargo is being unloaded and that you will be paid shortly. Dock at all the planets where you have cargo to drop off. Check your cargo hold to make sure you are empty then dock at San Miguel. To check your cargo just jump by graphic from the top of the page until you get to your cargo graphic.

The reason you are docking at San Miguel is because there is an Ashar office located there. Follow the same steps as before only pick up cargo for Feris instead of Descarte. In the audio example I get all my cargo for Feris except for one mission for Ethan. This is okay as it is a neighboring system to Feris and will still give me enough credits to complete the mission.

Part 3.5: Returning to Feris, dropping off your cargo and talking to Jonas Hawk

After you pick up your cargos for Feris just follow the same steps to get back to Feris. You can simply use the same plotter listing to get back in reverse. Once you get to Feris undock from the jump gate again and dock where you have cargo to drop off. After this return to starbase-51 and choose to talk to Jonas Hawk. If you did everything correctly this should have completed your mission.

You will first get a congratulations screen then after that a page which lists your rewards for completing the mission. You should get some extra credits, some xp, and some IP which is used to buy skill points. Click through the proper buttons. You should of also leveled which will give you more IP to spend down the road. After you click through the buttons you will be on the promenade again and you will be ready for the second mission from Jonas Hawk which I cover in the next guide.

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