Part 4: Completing Jonas's Second Mission

In this guide I will be going through the steps to complete the second mission you will receive from Hawk. This guide will cover:

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Part 4.1: Talking to Jonas and getting the mission

I won't go into detail on this as you should already know how to do this from the first mission and guide. Go talk to Jonas and get your second mission. This will have multiple parts to it. First you will have to buy a Mining Laser MK1 from LockNLoad Weapons Store. After that you will have to travel to Far Point 1 and mine the asteroid there to collect 50 ore. Then you will bring that ore back to Hawk for your reward. If you can't do this bit on your own then maybe go listen or read the first guide again.

Part 4.2: Buying a Mining Laser MK1

Luckily Jonas already told you it is sold at LockNLoad, and even more lucky that there is a LockNLoad located right at Starbase-51. If there wasn't one there then you might have to use the finder and it is very difficult to use with a screen reader as it likes to freeze up and crash your browser because it is such a huge table. You don't have to worry about that however, you can just choose to view the LockNLoad store on the promenade of Starbase-51. remember viewing only brings you to the landing page for the store, you will have to hit the button to actually enter into the store.

Some stores have a search bar at the top of their listing, but this one doesn't. You can do a few things to find the mining laser however. You can hit control home then T to jump to the first table on the page which contains all the weapons sold by the store. You can also just do a search for the word mining and that should jump you right to the laser. There is no need to get anything but a mining laser mk1 at this point, here in just a little bit you will be doing combat and will be given a gun.

After you find your weapon click on the view button to view it's stats. This information is also given in the table and you could read it that way, but since you need to buy it anyway you can just read it on the information page. It will tell you the level required, energy required, and most importantly for this mission the skill points required to equip it on your ship. This specific mining laser requires 10 points in mining. Remember this as you will need to go spend IP on those skill points after purchasing the laser. Go ahead and hit the button to purchase one, after this return to the promenade.

Part 4.3: Spending your IP on mining skill points

When on the promenade you can do a virtual find for the word "skill". This will jump you to the skills link which is located in the bottom nav bar. Click on this and you will be brought to your main skills screen. Whenever you need to spend IP on skills this is the page you will do it on. This page can be confusing at first and I'm not going to cover it in detail here. There is a guide covering the skills screen in the screen reader section.

You are going to want to find the skill called mining. To do this just hit control home then T to jump to the first table. From here use table commands to read down until you get to the mining skill. From here you can use table commands to read to the right or just use down arrow. You will see how many points you have which is 0, a button to spend points on it, view the skill, and after that the cost of IP per 1 skill point. For mining it cost 310 IP per point. You are going to want to choose the spend button as you need to buy 10 mining points to equip your mining laser.

This will of course bring you to the screen where you spend your IP on the skill. It is very important to double check that you are spending points on mining here as buying the wrong skills can ruin your game until you get enough levels to buy the correct one. The purchasing page is very simple, it has an edit box with a button under it to buy the skill. Above the edit box will say what the skill is you are buying, triple check it says mining here. After doing this you just put 10 into the edit box, double check it is only 10, then press the button to purchase the skills. Hopefully this all went okay and now you are ready to equip your mining laser. Return to the skills screen via the button and then from the top of the page hit V to jump to the first visited link. This will only read as skills screen but it is the link to exit and return to the main promenade page.

Part 4.4: Equipping your mining laser

To equip your mining laser you are going to need to go to your ship loadout. To find this link in the bottom nav bar quickly just search "p l". This is P Space L and will jump you right to your ship space loadout. Hit enter on this link and you will be brought to the loadout page.

A mining laser is technically a weapon so you are going to want to put it in your weapon one slot. To do this from the top of the page just hit B to jump by button. The first button on the page is for your wep 1 slot. Hit enter on this slot and you will be brought to a screen where you choose what to equip here. The stuff you can equip is listed in a table with a button next to each item to equip it. Since you only have the mining laser just to it however you wish and hit the button to equip it. You will get a conformation screen then will be brought back to your ship load out. Now the first button on the page should read as a mining laser mk1. to exit your ship load out now just hit V to jump to the next visited link which will be to exit. this will again bring you to the promenade.

Part 4.5: Getting to far Point 1 and mining your ore

You won't need the plotter for this one as Far Point 1 is right next door to Feris. Just dock at the jump gate and jump one jump to Far Point 1. Undock in the system then from the top of the page jump by button until you find the asteroid field. Click on the button for the asteroid once and this will put you in orbit of it.

Once you are orbiting then you will need to click on the graphic to mine it. you can just search mine from the top of the page, or from the top of the page hit b then shift g followed by up arrow until you get to the graphical link for mining.

The mining process has two pages you will need to know. If you want more information on them you can View the guide covering the mining pages.

The first mining page only has two buttons, a click me button to mine, and a exit mining button. You want to click on the click me button. This will shoot the asteroid and bring you to the next page which is for collecting g the ores you have found after shooting it. Right now you will only find ore but when you get better equipment you can get very valuable stuff.

The main part of this page is a table. in the table are 5 different loot windows which is the stuff you have found. Under each window is a tractor button to bring that one group of item into your ship's hold. There is also a loot all button located at the bottom you can click to get all the windows at once. I would suggest doing this as you just need 50 ore in your ship to bring back to Jonas.

Keep doing this until you are nearly full. You may notice you won't have a loot all button at some point. This will be because you have less room than all the loot windows combined. To fix this just hit the tractor buttons until you get the page telling you your cargo is full.

4.6: Returning to Jonas Hawk and completing your mission

After you have a full 50 units of ore in your cargo hold you want to return to the jump gate and get back to starbase-51. Undock from the jump gate there and dock at Starbase-51 and view then talk to Jonas. You will follow the same process as in the last mission including getting another level hopefully. Your mission is completed and you are ready to move on to the next mission and guide.

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