Getting Started Part 5

In this mission I will be covering a few things.

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Part 5.1: Accepting the mission

You know how to get the next mission from Jonas Hawk by now. Go ahead and do that making sure to read the mission details. After getting your mission you are going to need to spend some IP on refining skill.

Part 5.2: Spending IP on refining skill

After accepting your mission you should be on the main promenade. Go ahead and search "skill" with your screen reader's virtual find. This will again bring you to the link in the bottom footer nav bar for your skills screen. click on this and you will be on your skills screen.

You are going to need to find the refining skill on this page. I won't be covering the layout much on this page but you can get all the info you need on the skills screen page in the screen reader section.

The quickest way to find the refining skill is to just do a virtual find for the word "refining". This will jump you right to it. After this just down arrow, you should have 0 points, you will see a spend button, a view button, then a number which is how much IP it cost per skill point. For refining it is 375 IP per point. Arrow back up to the spend button and press it. This will again bring you to the purchase screen. double and triple check both that it is indeed refining skills you are buying, and make sure you only put in 10 points as anything more is wasted at this point. Buy the skills, then get yourself back to the promenade.

Part 5.3: Traveling to Ethan and mining your ore

Ethan is a neighboring system to Feris again so you won't need to use your plotter for this. just undock from Starbase-51, dock at the jump gate and make the one jump to Ethan. Once there undock from the jump gate and go orbit the asteroid. After orbiting the asteroid click the graphic to mine by searching mine from the top of the page or hitting B then shift G followed by arrowing up from the top of the page. However you get there just click on the mine graphical link and you will be on the first of the two mining pages.

Mine the asteroid the same way you did in the last mission until you have a full cargo full of normal ore. Once you are at 50 cargo then you are ready to go refine that ore into refined ore.

Part 5.4: Refining your ore at the orbiting refinery

I won't be covering the complete layout of the orbiting refinery page, if you want or need more info you can Check out the orbiting refinery page layout in the screen reader section.

You need to go orbit then interact with the orbiting refinery now. To do this find it in the button listing of different planets and interactables of Ethan. Clicking on the orbiting refinery button once will put in orbit of it. To interact with it you can click its button again or on the top of the body section above the first button there is a refine graphical link in the group of links up there. This would be in the same place where your mine link is when orbiting an asteroid. Whatever way you choose just interact with the orbiting refinery and proceed to the refining page.

For the most part you are just going to need to press the first button on each page. When you first enter there will be a button to "transfer to refinery", you first need to press this button to move the 50 ore from your ship to the refinery. After doing this the first button on the screen will be "refine ore", clicking this will turn your 50 ore into 2 units of refined ore. Finally after you refine the ore the first button will now be to fill your hold. This will move the refined ore from the refinery to your ship's cargo hold. After this check your cargo via the cargo graphic near the top of the page and make sure you have 2/50 for your cargo. If so go head and exit the refinery via the first visited link from the top of the page. You will be placed on the main in orbit screen again.

Part 5.5: Returning to Jonas Hawk and completing your mission

Return to Feris through the jump gate and undock. Dock at Starbase-51 and view then talk to Jonas Hawk. He will give you your rewards and take your refined ore. Click through the continue buttons and you will be put back on the Starbase-51 promenade. You are now ready for the next and final mission from Jonas.

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