The caves

The confusing and maze like cave system is a very challenging map, and it is only suggested the most experienced STW players go in it.

The caves can be broken down into 4 levels

The first level

This is the level you are in when you first enter the map via the underground river. there isn't much to it other than the river.

The second level

This is the part you reach the first time you climb up out of the river, if you expected me to tell you how to get here, you are wrong. you can figure that out on your own. this isn't a walk through.

the third level

If you find your way up out of the second level then you are in the third level. this part is actually pretty straight forward, unless you make a wrong turn...

the fourth level

This is the most difficult part of the cave system. if you find dirt, then you are on the fourth level. there are lots of paths out of this level, but only 1 goes somewhere interesting.

Landmarks of The confusing caves

The river of tears
A river that runs mainly east and west, but forks and runs north and south at points.
it is named the river of tears for a lost explorer named Naday who turned it from a trickle to a flooded river with her tears
nothing much more, figure it out for yourself

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